Our Team

Jovana Krivokuca-Milovanovic, Executive Director

Born in Kraljevo, in 1983. Graduated at the Faculty of Political Sciences, Department of International Relations, with a Master’s degree in International Politics. Enthusiastic and optimistic. Believes in change, in human rights, in the fight, in the right attitude and in fact that tactic creates the atmosphere. Also believes that mood determines what will the weather be that day. Loves folklore, dance and basketball, and most of all her family and friends.

Jasmina Majstorovic-Pivljakovic, Head of Financial Department

Born in Kraljevo, in 1972. Graduated at the Faculty of Economics, Department of Accounting, Auditing and Financial Management. Alongside, employed in Red Cross Serbia, as head of accounting.

Sladjana Levic, Project Coordinator

Born in Trstenik, in 1983. Graduated at the Faculty of Political Sciences, Department of International Affairs. Employed by Youth with Disabilities Forum in 2010 as an office manager. Since 2012 works as project coordinator involved in numerous ventures regarding social inclusion, employment and youth, as well as organization of several conferences, round tables and local debates.

Željko Ilic, Project Development Consultant

Born in Belgrade, in 1975. Graduated at Belgrade Business School, with the Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Master’s of Business Administration at Cotrugli Business School. As an executive director, from 2005 to 2009, actively involved in a civil society sector, advocating systematic changes in our society. During that period, engaged in organizational development, marketing, coalition and partnership creation. In 2010 became a professional consultant for project and business development. A founding member of Youth with Disabilities Forum.

Suzana Ivanovic, Associate

Born in Lazarevac, in 1974. Graduated at the Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Sociology. Research consultant. Engaged in social inclusion of persons with disabilities. Involved in creation and implementation of numerous programs regarding the support of the disabled. Project team member in charge of design and implementation of Code of Ethics within the social system, and systematization of research and analytical practices in social protection.