Training implemented Activation of youth organizations for social inclusion of young people with disabilities / handicaps

Updated: February 4, 2020

The Youth with Disabilities Forum and the Association of Students with Disabilities have implemented 3 three-day trainings on improving participation of youth with disabilities / disabilities in youth activities.

Training “Activation of Youth Organizations for Social Inclusion of Youth with Disabilities / Handicap” was organized in three cities, namely:

Novi Sad, September 5-7, 2019,
Vrnjacka Banja, 26-28. September 2019,
Belgrade, 9-11. October 2019


The training was attended by participants from different associations and offices for young people from all over Serbia. The results of the training relate to launching initiatives to reduce the social exclusion of young people with disabilities / disabilities, empowerment and motivation to advocate for human rights and social inclusion in the local community, awareness of existing strategic and legal frameworks for social inclusion. The participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the basic principles of social inclusion and social inclusion through access to human rights, as well as legislation and law in Serbia within the given area.

In addition, participants are empowered to initiate and implement youth policy activities that are accessible to young people with disabilities / disabilities.
The trainings were an introduction to the next project activities, when a public call for funding will be issued for youth organizations to implement activities involving young people with disabilities / handicaps.

The project “Digital and media literacy of young people with disabilities / disabled” realizes Youth with Disabilities in partnership with the Association of Students with Disabilities, Association for Youth of Serbia and SeConS-development initiative. The project is supported by the European Union under the “Civil Society Facility and Media Program 2016-2017”.








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