III module of the School for youth disability leaders – Kragujevac

Updated: February 6, 2019

From January 31st to February 3rd was organized III module of the School for youth disabilities  for 15 young leaders in Kragujevac.

On the third, also the last module of the School, the participants masterd the techniques of public appearance. Also they have learned the techniques needed to successfully conduct marketing campaigns through social networks.

In addition to interactive participation at the workshops, the participants successfully accomplished homework, which goal was to solve the problems of youth with disabilities / disabled  in the local community, as well as promoting the school itself.

Visiting lecturer at the III module was Marija Stevuljević, Media and Communications Expert with years of experience in the area of PR and promotion on social networks.

,,The project “Digital and media literacy of young people with disabilities / disabled” realizes Youth with Disabilities in partnership with the Association of Students with Disabilities, Association for Youth of Serbia and SeConS-development initiative. The project is supported by the European Union under the “Civil Society Facility and Media Program 2016-2017”.


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