Info sessions for CSOs held in Uzice and Novi Pazar

Updated: September 19, 2018

Youth with Disabilities Forum, in partnership with the Association of Students with Disabilities, SeConS Group for Development Initiative and the Association of Youth of Serbia realized the info sessions for civil society organizations in Uzice and Novi Pazar, on 6th, and 12th September.

Activities are implemented in the framework of the project “Digital and media abilities for youth with disabilities”, which aims to improve civic participation of young people with disabilities through the development of digital and media literacy.

At the beginning of the project, research was carried out with the following objectives:

  • to demonstrate the level of digital literacy/competence of young people with a disabilities and their practice in the usage of digital technology,
  • to present the forms of social activism of young people with a disabilities, especially online activism,
  • to verify the assumption that young people who have more command over tools and technologies in the digital sphere active in social and political life.

The info session presents the results of research on digital literacy and activism of young people with disabilities, but also the following activities of the project that will directly involve this target group.

The project is supported by European Union, within grant sheme “Civil Society Facility and Media Program 2016-2017″.

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