My experience from internship program

Updated: June 19, 2018

My story begins in early March when I applied for internship program.

A small click triggered many questions – Will I be able to do that? Will I fit into the team? Will I be able to do all the tasks that are required?

I applied for the internship in the Delta Motors, finance sector.

The process of selection began, and was very fast.

Company representatives scheduled an interview with me two days after the application.

For the interview, I visited the company for the first time and I met the future mentor.

After the selection, impatient and a little scared, I was waiting for the beginning of the practice.

However, on this journey I was not alone. Training was organized for all interns, and Youth with disabilities Forum prepared us for everything that awaits us.

These five days of training really changed my view of the world. There I also met other interns, project participants, who will work in other companies. I felt ready, happy for possibilities that will come, I felt the support of lecturers, people from the Youth Disabled Forum and other interns. It encouraged me to give the maximum.

The first working day came. I was met by a mentor and met with other colleagues. The next day, I felt like an equal member of the team. So many new tasks, reports and participation in the work and life of a company helped me to understand better what I learned earlier, to understand better how to respect the rules of the business and to be successful in it. For two months of intense experience, internship helped me to get to know myself. I perform various tasks on a daily basis, and I also help colleagues from other sectors.

Support in the workplace is provided by the mentor and colleagues who presented me work process, always accessible and open, ready to patiently answer all my questions.

I really like that someone values ​​my work and supports me to find out something new every day and be a better version of myself.

I have never dreamed that I could be part of such a large system as Delta Holding.

This program has shown me that everything is possible, if we follow our dreams and work hard on their accomplishment.

I love the sense of usefulness and personal development that this program provides me every day.

Teodora Stanković

Intern at Delta Holding-Delta Motors, finance department

Participant of the project “Internship for Youth with Disabilities Employability”

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