End of Inclusive Academy

Updated: July 5, 2016

Program “Inclusive Academy” was successfully realized by the organization Youth with Disabilities Forum and Bank Societe Generale Serbia fifth year in sequence. The program was developed in response to the need for the empowerment of persons with disabilities in the labor market, improving their competencies and strengthening competitiveness. As in previous years the program was carried out in Belgrade, in the duration of 3 months.

Ten candidates had the opportunity to attend English language courses and computer and business skills workshops completely free (HR workshops, Communication skills, Office management, Basics of Banking and Finance etc).

The program had an educational and workshop character, where lecturers were volunteers, employees of the bank Societe Generale Serbia, and also PWC Academy, UporediUštedi, Advance Response Uni, Youth with Disabilities Forum, as well as consultant Aleksandra Grubin.

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